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Welcome to LCLUC

Welcome to the NASA Land-Cover and Land-Use Change (LCLUC) Program website. LCLUC is an interdisciplinary science program in the Earth Science Division of the Science Mission Directorate. LCLUC is part of the Carbon Cycle and Ecosystems Focus Area with links to some programs in other Focus Areas.

Click and drag the slider bar to compare these LDCM images, which zoom into the area around Fort Collins, Colo. On the left, the image is shown in natural color, created using data from OLI spectral bands 2 (blue), 3 (green), and 4 (red). The image on the right was created using data from OLI bands 3 (green), 5 (near infrared), and 7 (short wave infrared 2) displayed as blue, green and red, respectively. In the left-hand natural color image, the city's elongated Horsetooth Reservoir, a source of drinking water, lies west of the city. A dark wildfire burn scar from the Galena Fire is visible just to the left of the reservoir. The scar shows up bright, rusty red in the false color image. Credit: USGS/NASA Earth Observatory


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