Xiangming Xiao

Department of Botany and Microbiology & Center for Spatial Analysis
University of Oklahoma
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(603) 862-3818
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(405) 325-3442
Address: Stephenson Research and Technology Center 101 David L. Boren Blvd. Norman OK United States 73019

Other Papers And Presentations (Second Author)

Type Year Title
Publications 2016 Dong, J., Xiao, X., Zhang, G., Menarguez, M. A., Choi, C. Y., Qin, Y., ... & Moore, B. (2016). Northward expansion of paddy rice in northeastern Asia during 2000–2014. Geophysical Research Letters, 43(8), 3754-3761.
Publications 2015 Dong, J., Xiao, X., Kou, W., Qin, Y., Zhang, G., Li, L., Jin, C., Zhou, Y., Wang, J., Biradar, C., et al. (2015). Tracking the dynamics of paddy rice planting area in 1986–2010 through time series Landsat images and phenology-based algorithms. Remote Sensing of Environment, doi: 10.1016/j.rse.2015.01.004.
Publications 2015 Li, L., Dong, J., Njeudeng Tenku, S., & Xiao, X. (2015). Mapping Oil Palm Plantations in Cameroon Using PALSAR 50-m Orthorectified Mosaic Images. Remote Sensing, 7, 1206-1224
Publications 2015 Kou, W., Xiao, X., Dong, J., Gan, S., Zhai, D., Zhang, G., Qin, Y., & Li, L. (2015). Mapping Deciduous Rubber Plantation Areas and Stand Ages with PALSAR and Landsat Images. Remote Sensing, 7, 1048-1073
Publications 2014 Dong, J., Xiao, X., Sheldon, S., Biradar, C., Zhang, G., Dinh Duong, N., Hazarika, M., Wikantika, K., Takeuhci, W., & Moore, B., III (2014). A 50-m Forest Cover Map in Southeast Asia from ALOS/PALSAR and Its Application on Forest Fragmentation Assessment. PLoS One, 9, e85801
Publications 2012 Dong, J., Xiao, X., Sheldon, S., Biradar, C., Zhang, G., Duong, N.D., Hazarika M., Wikantika, K., and Moore, B., 2012, Tropical forest area and fragmentation in Southeast Asia at 50-m spatial resolution, Remote Sensing of Environment, (in review)
Publications 2012 Dong, J., Xiao, X., Sheldon, S., Biradar, C., Duong, N., Hazarika, M., 2012, A comparison of forest cover maps in mainland Southeast Asia from multiple sources: PALSAR, MERIS, MODIS and FRA. Remote Sensing of Environment, 127, 60-73
Final Report 2010 Final Report: Role of land cover and land use change in hydrology of Eurasian pan-Arctic
Poster Presentation 2007 Modeling Carbon Dynamics in Two Adjacent Spruce Forests Differing in Soil Conditions in Russia