Access Digital Globe High-Resolution Data from the USGS Website

Discover Archive Digital Globe  Data

DG's Discover tool allows you to draw a shape on a map, enter a location name, or upload coordinates or a shape file to search for imagery of your area of interest. You can view existing coverage of your area of interest at: You will see a list of image scenes that cover some or all of your AOI, if coverage is available. You can also view browse images for any results listed. The Discover tool can only be used to check for data availability – it cannot be used to order DG data. It is recommended you make a list of image IDs you may want to order through either of the methods described below.

Search & Order Archive Digital Globe Data Using the EnhancedView Web Hosting Service
EnhancedView is the name of the contract NGA uses to acquire data from DG. You can search DG’s holdings and order data using DG’s EnhancedView Web Hosting Service. You can set up a Federal user account at: Please take the time to explore this website, especially the short video on DG, EV WHS User Guide and FAQs. There are limitations on the EV WHS – you cannot order SWIR (short-wave infra-red) or CAVIS (clouds, aerosols, vapor, ice, snow) bands, or historical data. You also cannot order imagery that is 50% + cloud covered, which may vary by latitude. If your requirements include these data types, or if no archive data is available for your AOI, you can establish a USGS account and order these specialized types of data or request new DG data collection below.

Search for & Order Archive & New DG Data at the U.S. Geological Survey
The USGS houses many types of data and products at its Earth Resources Observation and Science Center. For more details, visit: To establish an account allowing you to search for and order DG data, please do the following:

1) Complete User Registration at: (confirmation sent by email).
2) Search USGS holdings and order archive DG data at:

If USGS doesn’t have specific archive DG data you find during a Discover search or if no data at all is available for your AOI, you may order specific data or request new DG data collection with the USGS CRSSP Imagery Derived Requirements Tool at: