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Welcome to the NASA Land-Cover and Land-Use Change (LCLUC) Program website. LCLUC is an interdisciplinary science program in the Earth Science Division of the Science Mission Directorate. LCLUC is part of the Carbon Cycle and Ecosystems Focus Area with links to some programs in other Focus Areas.

LCLUC Science Team Meeting Schedule

Date Location
04/18/2016 North Bethesda, MD
01/12/2016 Yangon, Burma
04/22/2015 College Park, MD
10/16/2014 Sopron, Hungary
04/23/2014 Rockville, MD
LCLUC 2016 Spring Science Team MeetingLCLUC Spring Webinar Series 2016: Agricultural MonitoringLCLUC 2016 International LCLUC Regional Science Team Meeting in South and Southeast AsiaLCLUC e-Newsletter Issue 2: March 2016LCLUC Spring Webinar Series 2016: Agricultural MonitoringLCLUC 2015 Fall Webinar Series: Agriculture in South AsiaLCLUC 2015 Spring Science Team Meeting 130 years of historical land use data available for IndiaLandsat 8 Surface Reflectance products now available on USGS-EROS Global WELD products now available for 3 yearsNASA-USGS Landsat Data Yield Best View to Date of Global Forest Losses, Gains

LCLUC 2016 Spring Science Team Meeting

LCLUC Spring Webinar Series 2016: Agricultural Monitoring

Featured Project

Principal Investigator: Ruth DeFries

South Asia is at the forefront of concerns about future food security. Population growth, continuing rural poverty, water shortages, stagnating yields, and climate change all contribute to these concerns.




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