Douglas Stow

Department of Geography
San Diego State University
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(619) 594-5498
Address: 5500 Campanile Drive San Diego State University San Diego CA United States 92182

Other Papers And Presentations (Second Author)

Type Year Title
Publications 2016 Toure, S., D. Stow, H-C Shih, L. Coulter, J. Weeks, R. Engstrom and A. Sandborn , 2016. An Object-based, Temporal Inversion Approach to Urban Land Cover and Land Use Change Analysis, Remote Sensing Letters, 7: 503-512.
Publications 2016 Toure, S., Stow, D., Shih, H. C., Coulter, L., Weeks, J., Engstrom, R., & Sandborn, A. (2016). An object-based temporal inversion approach to urban land use change analysis. Remote Sensing Letters, 7(5), 503-512.
Publications 2016 Shih, H.C., D. Stow, J. Weeks and L. Coulter, 2016. Determining the Type and Starting Time of Land Cover and Land Use Change in Ghana Based on Discrete Analysis of Dense Landsat Image Time Series, IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, 9: 2064-2073.
Publications 2016 Coulter, L. L., Stow, D. A., Tsai, Y.- H., Ibanez, N., Shih, H.- C., Benza, M., Kerr, A., Weeks, J. R., & Mensah, F., accepted. Classification and Assessment of Land Cover and Land Use Change in Southern Ghana using Dense Stacks of Landsat 7 ETM+ Imagery, Remote Sensing of Environment.
Publications 2016 Crook, S., L. An, J. Weeks and D. Stow, accepted. Latent Trajectory Modeling of the Spatiotemporal Relationships between Land Cover, Socioeconomics, and Obesity in Ghana, Spatial Demography.
Publications 2016 Weeks, J.R., D.A. Stow and L. An, accepted. Demographics, Health Drivers & Impacts on Land Cover and Land Use Change in Ghana, Chapter in Comprehensive Remote Sensing, Vol. 9 - Remote Sensing Applications for Societal Benefits, Edited by Stephen J. Walsh.
Publications 2016 Benza, M., Weeks, J. R., Stow, D. A., López-Carr, D., & Clarke, K. C. (2016). A pattern-based definition of urban context using remote sensing and GIS. Remote Sensing of Environment, 183, 250-264.