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Other Papers And Presentations (Second Author)

Type Year Title
Publications 2019 Scaling relationship between CO pollution and population size over major US metropolitan statistical areas
Publications 2019 Impacts of land cover and land use change on long-term trend of land surface phenology: a case study in agricultural ecosystems
Publications 2018 Kingfield, D.M., Calhoun, K.M., de Beurs, K.M. and Henebry, G.M., 2017. Effects of City Size on Thunderstorm Evolution Revealed through a Multi-Radar Climatology of the Central United States. Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, (2017).
Publications 2018 Nguyen LH, SV Nghiem, GM Henebry. 2018. Expansion of major urban areas in the US Great Plains from 2000 to 2009 using satellite scatterometer data. Remote Sensing of Environment 204:524-533.
Publications 2017 Alemu, W.G. and Henebry, G.M., 2017. Comparing Passive Microwave with Visible-To-Near-Infrared Phenometrics in Croplands of Northern Eurasia. Remote Sensing, 9(6), p.613.
Publications 2017 Krehbiel, C.; Zhang, X.; Henebry, G.M. Impacts of Thermal Time on Land Surface Phenology in Urban Areas. Remote Sens. 2017, 9, 499.
Publications 2016 Krehbiel CP, GM Henebry. 2016. A Comparison of Multiple Datasets for Monitoring Thermal Time in Urban Areas over the U.S. Upper Midwest. Remote Sensing 8:297.
Publications 2016 Krehbiel, C.P., Jackson, T. and Henebry, G.M., 2016. Web-Enabled Landsat Data time series for monitoring urban heat island impacts on land surface phenology. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, 9(5), pp.2043-2050.
Publications 2015 Using multiple remote sensing perspectives to identify and attribute land surface dynamics in Central Asia 2001–2013
Publications 2015 Walker, J. J., de Beurs, K. M., & Henebry, G. M. (2015). Land surface phenology along urban to rural gradients in the US Great Plains. Remote Sensing of Environment, 165, 42-52.
Publications 2013 Ault, T. R., G. M. Henebry, K. M. de Beurs, M. D. Schwartz, J. L. Betancourt, and D. Moore (2013), The False Spring of 2012, Earliest in North American Record, Eos Trans. AGU, 94(20), 181.
Poster Presentation 2010 Dual scale trend analysis to evaluate climatic and anthropogenic effects on the vegetated land surface in agricultural Russia
Publications 2009 Henebry, GM. 2009. Carbon in idle croplands. Nature 457:1089-1090.
Publications 2009 Kovalskyy V, and GM Henebry. 2009a. Change and persistence in land surface phenologies of the Don and Dnieper River basins Environmental Research Letters, 4:045018.
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Publications 2009 Kovalskyy V, and GM Henebry. 2009b. Recent trends in land surface phenologies within the Don and Dnieper River basins from the perspective of MODIS Collection 4 products. In: (P.Ya. Groisman and S. Ivanov, eds.). Regional aspects of climate-terrestrial-hydrologic interactions in non-boreal Eastern Europe. Springer: Berlin. Chapter 20, pp. 183-189.
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Poster Presentation 2007 Land Cover Land Use Change Effects on Surface Water Quality: Integrated MODIS and SeaWiFS Assessment of the Dnieper and Don River Basins and their Reservoirs
Publications 2007 Henebry, GM, and M Doubková. 2007. Land surface phenologies sensed by cooler earthlight: how passive microwave image series can reveal vegetation dynamics appropriate for landscape monitoring. In: (R.G.H. Bunce, R.H.G. Jongman, L. Hojas, and S. Weel, eds.) 25 Years of Landscape Ecology: Science Principles in Practice. Proceedings of the 7th IALE World Congress 8-12 July, Wageningen, The Netherlands. IALE Publication series 4. pp 1071-1072, volume 2.
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Poster Presentation 2002 Land Surface Phenology in Kazakhstan: Climatic Variability and Institutional Change
Poster Presentation 2001 Consequences of Institutional Change: Land-cover Dynamics in Kazakhstan 1960-2000