Howard Epstein

Environmental Sciences
University of Virginia
Address: Charlottesville VA United States 22903

Other Papers And Presentations (Second Author)

Type Year Title
Publications 2017 Yu, Q., Epstein, H., Engstrom, R. and Walker, D., 2017. Circumpolar arctic tundra biomass and productivity dynamics in response to projected climate change and herbivory. Global Change Biology.
Publications 2017 Bhatt, U.S., Walker, D.A., Raynolds, M.K., Bieniek, P.A., Epstein, H.E., Comiso, J.C., Pinzon, J.E., Tucker, C.J., Steele, M., Ermold, W. and Zhang, J., 2017. Changing seasonality of panarctic tundra vegetation in relationship to climatic variables. Environmental Research Letters, 12(5), p.055003.
Publications 2012 Environment, vegetation and greenness (NDVI) along the North America and Eurasia Arctic transects
Publications 2011 Shrub expansion in tundra ecosystems: dynamics, impacts and research priorities
Publications 2011 Modeling dynamics of tundra plant communities on the Yamal Peninsula, Russia, in response to climate change and grazing pressure
Poster Presentation 2011 Greening of the Arctic: Spatial variation of biomass and NDVI along two Arctic transects and the Circumpolar Arctic
Poster Presentation 2010 Spatio-temporal dynamics in tall shrub cover near Kharp, northwest Siberia: linkages between shrub proliferation and disturbance
Poster Presentation 2010 The Yamal LCLUC Study: Vegeta4on Analysis and Mapping along a 900?km Arc4c transect
Poster Presentation 2010 Land surface dynamics on the Yamal Peninsula based on multi-temporal imagery
Poster Presentation 2010 Vegetation biomass, leaf area index, and NDVI patterns and relationships along two latitudinal transects in arctic tundra
Poster Presentation 2010 Climatology and variability of the ice-ocean-atmosphereterrestrial system on the Yamal
Poster Presentation 2009 Greening of Arctic tundra is linked to warming summer land temperatures and sea-ice declines
Poster Presentation 2009 Simulating soil organic nitrogen and grazing effects on arctic tundra vegetation dynamics on Yumal peninsula, Russia
Poster Presentation 2009 Vegetation greenness on the Yamal Peninsula, Russia: Disturbance–climate-change interactions
Poster Presentation 2009 Decadal changes of phenological patterns over arctic tundra biomes
Poster Presentation 2009 Spatio-temporal trends in tree and tall shrub cover in the circumpolar Arctic: Evidence from repeat ground photographs and 1960's satellite imagery