Ivan Csiszar

Chief, Environmental Monitoring Branch
Address: NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction (NCWCP) 5830 University Research Court College Park MD United States 20740

Other Papers And Presentations (Second Author)

Type Year Title
Final Report 2010 NELDA: Monitoring and Validating the Distribution and Change in Land Cover across Northern Eurasia
Poster Presentation 2010 Reconstructing Disturbance History from Distribution of Land Covers in the Russian Far East: First Results
Publications 2007 Leptoukh, G., I. Csiszar, P. Romanov, S. Shen, T. Loboda, I. Gerasimov, 2007: NASA NEESPI Data and Services Center for Satellite Remote Sensing Information. Environmental Research Letters, 2, 045009, doi:10.1088/1748-9326/2/4/045009.
Publications 2007 Loboda, T. and I. Csiszar, 2007:Reconstruction of Fire Spread within Wildland Fire Events in Northern Eurasia from the MODIS Active Fire Product. *Global and Planetary Change*, 56, 258-273.
Publications 2007 Loboda, T. and I. Csiszar, 2007: Assessing the Risk of Ignition in a Dynamic Modeling Framework of Fire Threat: an example from the Russian Far East. *Ecological Applications*, 17(3), 791-805.
Publications 2007 Pu, R., Z. Li, Gong, P., Csiszar, I., Fraser, R., Hao, W.-M.,Kondragunta, S., Weng, F., 2007: Development and analysis of a 12-year daily 1-km forest fire dataset across North America from NOAA/AVHRR data. *Remote Sensing of Environment*, 108, 198-208.
Publications 2007 Loboda, T., K.J. O’Neal and I. Csiszar, 2007: Regionally adaptable dNBR-based algorithm for burned area mapping from MODIS data. *Remote Sensing of Environment*, 109, 429-442.
Publications 2007 Csiszar, I., J. Morisette and L. Giglio, 2006: Validation of active fire detection from moderate resolution satellite sensors: the MODIS example in Northern Eurasia. *IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing*, vol. 44, no. 7, 1757-1764.
Publications 2006 Loupian E.A., A.A Mazurov, E.V. Flitman, D.V. Ershov, G.N. Korovin, V.P. Novik, N.A. Abushenko, D.A. Altyntsev, V.V. Koshelev, S.A. Tashchilin, A.V. Tatarnikov, I. Csiszar, A.I. Sukhinin, E.I. Ponomarev, S.V. Afonin, V.V. Belov, G.G. Matvienko and T. Loboda, 2006: Satellite monitoring of forest fires in Russia at federal and regional levels. *Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change, *11, 113-145.
Publications 2004 Goldammer, J.G., A. Sukhinin and I. Csiszar, 2004: The Current Fire Situation in the Russian Federation: Implications for Enhancing International and Regional Cooperation in the UN Framework and the Global Programs on Fire Monitoring and Assessment. *New Approaches to Forest Protection and Fire Management at an Ecosystem Level. *World Bank and Alex Publishing, Moscow., 26-65 (Russian translation original English version forthcoming).
Publications 2004 Csiszar, I., T. Loboda and J. G. Goldammer, 2004: Contribution of GOFC/GOLD-Fire to fire monitoring in the Russian Federation. *New Approaches to Forest Protection and Fire Management at an Ecosystem Level. *World Bank and Alex Publishing, Moscow., 138-146. (Russian translation original English version forthcoming)
Publications 2004 Sukhinin, A.I., N.H.F. French, E.S. Kasischke, J.H. Hewson, A.J. Soja, I. Csiszar, E.J. Hyer, T. Loboda, S.G. Conard, V.I. Romasko, E.A. Pavlichenko, S.I. Miskiv, and O.A. Slinkina, 2004: Satellite-based mapping of fires in Eastern Russia: new products for fire Management and carbon cycle studies. *Remote Sensing of Environment, *93, 546-564.
Publications 2003 Csiszar, I., A. Abdelgadir, Z. Li, J. Jin, R. Fraser and W.-M. Hao, 2003: Interannual changes of active fire detectability in North America from long-term records of the Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer. *Journal of Geophysical Research* 108, (D2), 4075, doi:10.1029/2001JD001373.
Publications 2003 Li, Z., R. Fraser, J. Jin,^A.A. Abuelgasim,^I. Csiszar^, P. Gong and W.-M. Hao, 2003: Evaluation of satellite-based algorithms for fire detection and mapping within North America.*Journal of Geophysical Research, *108, 4076, doi:10.1029/2001JD001377.
Publications 2002 Csiszar, I. and J. Sullivan, 2002: Recalculated pre-launch saturation temperatures of the AVHRR 3.7 mm sensors on board the TIROS-N to NOAA–14 satellites. *International Journal of Remote Sensing *23, 5271-5276.