Joint NASA LCLUC Science Team Meeting & GOFC-GOLD/NERIN, NEESPI Workshop, in Tartu, Estonia August 25-28, 2010

taiga, russia

The Land-Cover/Land-Use Change (LCLUC) Science Team meeting will be held jointly with the GOFC-GOLD Northern Eurasia Regional Information Network (NERIN) and the Northern Eurasia Earth Science Partnership Initiative (NEESPI) in Tartu, Estonia.

Workshop Focus

The focus of this meeting is on monitoring processes related to land-cover and land-use change in boreal and temperate regions of central, eastern and northern Europe. Forests and other biomes in boreal and temperate zones comprise about a half of the world vegetation cover. To study processes in the boreal and temperate ecosystems as related to climate, the workshop is organized around 4 themes:



1) Changes in ecosystems, their composition and structure

2) Carbon Cycle

3) Water Cycle

4) Human dimensions of land- cover and land-use change

Workshop Goals

The overall goal of the meeting is to review the availability of satellite data, products, approaches and concepts for land monitoring in boreal and temperate ecosystems of Europe. An additional focus for the workshop is the definition of requirements for land-cover and land-use characterization that address the needs of users in these regions and the community of scientists working on regional environmental issues.

Presentations and discussions will give an overview of recent research accomplishments and the state of the art in this research area, and formulate future research directions and applications development needs.


The workshop will explore opportunities for coordination and collaboration among research teams and ongoing projects aimed to advance our understanding of ecosystem processes in boreal and temperate zones and their socioeconomic effects. The workshop will follow the Training Session on Quantitative research methods in Human Dimensions of Environmental Change within Eastern Europe (http://xxxx.yyyy.zz), which will take place in Valmiera, Latvia, August 21-23, 2009. The working language of the workshop and training session is English.

Training Session: August 21-23 in Valmiera, Latvia


"Quantitative research methods in Human Dimensions of Environmental Change within Eastern Europe"


More details to come