Development and Validation of Process Algorithms of Urbanization for Water Cycle, Data Assimilation and Climate studies

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Project Documents

Year Title Team Type
2012 Irrigation Requirement Estimation Using MODIS Vegetation Indices and Inverse Biophysical Modeling Marc Imhoff Poster Presentation
2010 Zhang P., M.L. Imhoff, R. E. Wolfe, and L. Bounoua, 2010: Characterizing Urban Heat Islands of Global Settlements Using MODIS and Nighttime Lights Products, accepted for publication in the Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing. Lahouari Bounoua Publications
2010 Imhoff M.L, P. Zhang, R. E. Wolfe and L. Bounoua 2010: Remote sensing of the urban heat island effect across biomes in the continental USA, RSE 114, 504–513. Lahouari Bounoua Publications
2010 Bounoua, L., F. G. Hall, P. J. Sellers, A. Kumar, G. J. Collatz, C. J. Tucker, and M. L. Imhoff (2010), Quantifying the negative feedback of vegetation to greenhouse warming: A modeling approach, Geophys. Res. Lett., 37, L23701, doi:10.1029/2010GL045338 Lahouari Bounoua Publications
2009 Bounoua L, A. Safia, J. Masek, C. Peters-Lidard, and M. L. Imhoff, 2009: Impact of urban growth on surface climate: A case study in Oran, Algeria. Journal of pplied Meteorology and Climatology, Volume 48, 217-231 DOI: 0.1175/2008JAMC2044.1 Lahouari Bounoua Publications
2009 Large Scale Urbanization for Climate Studies Marc Imhoff
Jeffrey Masek
Changsheng Lidars
NASA LCLUC Science Team Presentation
2007 Gray Wave of the Great Transformation Marc L. Imhoff, Lahouari Bounoua, and Marshall Shepherd, 2007 In ‘Our changing Planet’, NASA - Cambridge niversity Press, M. King, Editor. Lahouari Bounoua Publications
2006 Imhoff ML, Bounoua L, 2006: Exploring global patterns of net primary oduction carbon supply and demand using satellite observations and tatistical data. J . Geoph. Res. – Atmospheres, 111, Article D22S12. Lahouari Bounoua Publications
2006 Development of Process Algorithms and Datasets for Urbanization and Climate Studies NASA LCLUC Science Team Presentation
2006 Bounoua L, J. Masek J and Y. M. Tourre, 2006: Sensitivity of surface climate to land surface parameters: A case study using the simple biosphere model SiB2. J.G.R – Atmospheres, 111, Article D22S09. Lahouari Bounoua Publications