Synthesis Studies

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01/01/2004:   Quantifying CO2 Fluxes from Boreal Forests in Northern Eurasia: An Integrated Analysis of Flux Tower Data, Remote Sensing Data and Biogeochemical Modeling
01/01/2004:   Reindeer Mapper: A Remote Sensing and GIS-Based System to Bring Indigenous Traditional and Local Knowledge Together with Scientific Data and Information to Address Health Issues Resulting from Changes in Climate, Environment, Weather, and Pollution in Northern Russia
01/01/2001:   Climate and Human Impacts on Water Resources in Africa
01/01/2001:   Effects of Urbanization on Ecological Services in a Semi-arid Region of the United States
01/01/2001:   Influence of Humans, Climate, and Fire on Forest Ecosystems and Carbon Dynamics in Indonesian Borneo
01/01/2001:   Land Use Change Around Protected Areas in LCLUC Sites: Synthesis of Rates, Consequences for Biodiversity, and Monitoring Strategies
01/01/2001:   Land Use, Carbon, and Water in the Uplands of Southeastern North America
01/01/2001:   Land-Use Change in Temperate East Asia:  Land Cover Changes Impacts on Carbon Fluxes and Land Productivity
01/01/2000:   Combined Satellite Mapping of Siberian Landscapes: Natural and Anthropogenic Factors Affecting Carbon Balance
01/01/2000:   Modeling and Forecasting Effects of Land Use Change in China Based on Socioeconomic Drivers: Part 2
01/01/2000:   The Development of a Fine Resolution, Continental-Scale Forest Monitoring System using SAR imagery
01/01/1997:   Study of Land-Use and Deforestation In Central and West African Tropical Forest Using High Resolution SAR Satellite Imagery