Geo Week Ministerial Summit 2023: Meghavi Prashnani Receives ‘Emerging Leader Award,’ GEOGLAM Wins 'Team Impact Award', and More Highlights

Geo Week 2023, held in Cape Town, South Africa, was a pivotal event where over 100 countries convened to utilize Earth observation data for global challenges. The summit featured insightful sessions on transforming Earth observation data into practical solutions. Meghavi Prashnani was awarded the 'Emerging Leader Award' at the Geo Week Ministerial Summit 2023 for her decade-long commitment to Earth Observation through various programs, including NASA Land-Cover and Land-use Change, Indian Space Research Organization, GEOGLAM, NASA Harvest and Mahalanobis National Crop Forecast Center, India. Her work primarily focuses on advancing food and water security through geospatial data. The event also highlighted GEOGLAM's substantial contributions to agriculture, earning them the GEO 2023 Team Impact Award. The summit concluded with the adoption of the GEO Post-2025 Strategy and the 2023 Cape Town Ministerial Declaration, reinforcing the importance of open data sharing and the critical role of Earth observation in sustainable development and addressing global challenges.