Global map of Hotspots of land cover and Land use change

An interactive online map to present examples of current spots of significant activities of land cover and land use change around the globe. This site was initially created by graduate students in the Department of Geography at the University of Maryland, College Park and it is now periodically updated as new hotspots are identified by scientists from NASA’s Land-Use Land-Cover Change Program.

Hotspot Definition: For the purposes of this page, "hotspot" is defined as existent or potential change to a region or area through land cover and land use change that has regional to global implications. The hotspots are also considered within the context of pressing environmental and social issues such as climate change, biodiversity, human health, and sustainability. Primary considerations were to identify areas of change within the last five years and areas of continued or potential future change.

Hotspot Categories: Seven broad categories of land-cover land-use change were identified for hotspots. In some cases the categories are related to one another, and other hotspots can be added as needed.

Hotspot Locations