Deforestation in Myanmar

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Deforestation in Myanmar has been an environmental issue since the colonial times. However in recent times the rate of deforestation has rapidly increased.

Critical Statistics:
  1. Myanmar (Burma) lost 7,445,000 hectares of forest between 1990 and 2010 at an annual rate of 0.95% (FAO,2010)

  1. Plantations(woods,2011,Fox and Castella, 2013, Eames et al., 2005)

  2. Agriculture (Webb et al., 2014, Songer et al., 2009)

  3. Logging (Brunner et al., 1998, Global Witness 2003,Woods, 2011)

  4. Infrastructure Development(Songer et al., 2009, Lynam et al., 2005)

  1. Forest loss results in habitat loss and degradation impacting biodiversity (Rao et al., 2002,Eames et al., 2005, Songer et al., 2009).

  2. Reduced coastal mangrove cover increases Myanmar's vulnerability to cyclones (FAO 2008).

What is Next:
  1. The Government along with various non-governmental organisations and international institutions are working towards achieving sustainable development.