LCLUCers in Media

David A. Lutz
Dartmouth College  
Illegal mining has muddied tropical rivers worldwide
February 28, 2023

Combing through tens of thousands of river images by hand, LCLUC PI David Lutz and team pinpointed where sediment loads begin to rise along each watercourse. They cross-...

Sergii Skakun
University of Maryland
Larger Wheat Harvest in Ukraine Than Expected
December 5, 2022

Researchers from NASA Harvest and NASA LCLUC worked on estimating Ukraine wheat production during the war using satellite data. Russia’s further invasion of Ukraine in...

Jefferson Fox
East-West Center
Southeast Asia remains world rice bowl as pockets of region suffer crop disasters
November 23, 2022

Rice crops in Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar have taken a hit from flooding and conflict this year, casting a shadow on a mostly sunny outlook for Southeast Asia’s output of the...

Jefferson Fox
East-West Center
How Nepal Grew Back Its Forests - NYTimes
November 14, 2022

A study led by LCLUC PI Dr. Jefferson Fox (East West Center) and his team was featured in the New York Times. Nepal is showing results after decades of effort, a rare...

Matthew Fagan
University of Maryland Baltimore County
Vast tropical tree farms push into biodiversity hotspots
October 31, 2022

Much of the tree growth in the tropics in the first decade of the century consists of plantations — not natural forest. The LCLUC...

Matthew Fagan
University of Maryland Baltimore County
Should tree plantations count toward reforestation goals? It’s complicated
September 13, 2022

Recent publication on pantropical plantation expansion by LCLUCer Mathew Fagan got Media coverage in Mongabay.



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