Garik Gutman
Dr. Garik Gutman
Program Manager
NASA Headquarters
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The Program Manager is responsible for running the LCLUC Program, managing the various activities of the program, including the solicitations and funded grants and interfacing with other elements at NASA HQ, including those within the Carbon Cycle and Ecosystems Focus Area. The program is designed to be a cross-cutting theme within NASA’s Earth Science. Aspects of Land-Cover and Land-Use Change research can be found throughout the Earth Science Programs, with an emphasis reflecting the program element under which they are funded e.g. hydrology, ecology or biogeochemistry. LCLUC research can also be found in the NASA Earth interdisciplinary science (IDS), and in various data initiatives e.g. NASA MEASURES. NASA Graduate Fellowships and New Investigators are often selected in the area of LCLUC and related research. The LCLUC Program has always had close program links to the NASA Satellite Instrument Teams pertinent to land-cover and land-use characterization and in particular with the Landsat Program, which is being jointly implemented with the USGS.

LCLUC Program is a unique research program within the USG, focusing solely on the role of Land Use in global and climate change research. At the interagency level and as part of USGCRP, the LCLUC Program is positioned to partner with other USG agencies on Climate Vulnerability, Impacts and Adaptation, as opportunity allows.

Land use change is pervasive and the focus of the LCLUC Program on pressing regional issues associated with land use change, gives the program a global, international reach. The program encourages strong connections between US and international land use scientists that can provide regional expertise and in depth understanding of land use change in a given area.

Dr. Christopher Justice
Program Scientist
University of Maryland
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The Project Scientist assists in developing the science focus of the program. The LCLUC Program has a special place in NASA’s Earth Science Division (ESD), in developing interdisciplinary approaches combining aspects of remote sensing, physical and social science, with a high level of societal relevance. A goal of the program management is to ensure that the research program remains vital and relevant. The Project Scientist maintains a strong connection to the NASA Applied Sciences Program. The Project Scientist undertakes program outreach including maintaining the program Web Site, managing the Webinars and Newsletter.

Dr. Krishna Vadrevu
Deputy Program Manager, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

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The Program Coordinator helps in implementing various activities of the program including building local and regional collaborations, facilitate data sharing and access, providing program support such as identifying science objectives of the regional meetings/training events, speakers, finalizing the agenda, including synthesizing the scientific outputs. The regional LCLUC meetings have proven successful in accomplishing many of the LCLUC program science goals providing unprecedented international recognition for the program. These science team meetings also generate recommendations on the priorities and ideas for new solicitations, regional research needs, new LCLUC products and applications. The training events help various researchers to learn about LCLUC science, data and products.

Indrani Kommareddy
Senior Faculty Specialist
University of Maryland
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Responsible for the development and maintenance of LCLUC website.  Click here to view her full profile.



Meghavi Prashnani
Faculty Specialist
University of Maryland
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Responsible for web-site content management, meeting organization, documentation, webinar co-ordination, newsletters and social media outreach.

Mary Mitkish
Program Support
University of Maryland
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Responsible for organizing LCLUC meeting and managing event logistics.