Dr. Garik Gutman
Program Manager
NASA Headquarters
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The LCLUC Program was designed to be a cross cutting theme within NASA’s Earth Science. Aspects of Land-Cover and Land-Use Change research can be found throughout the Earth Science Programs, with an emphasis reflecting the program element under which they are funded e.g. hydrology, ecology or biogeochemistry. LCLUC research can also be found in the NASA Earth interdisciplinary science (IDS), and in various data initiatives. A number of the NASA Graduate Fellowships and New Investigators are provided each year to support LCLUC and related research.

Dr. Christopher Justice
Program Scientist
University of Maryland
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A major challenge for the program management is to pull together the various LCLUC activities in a way that minimizes duplication, strengthens the science and exposes the science community to the research findings that are generated in different parts of the program.

The LCLUC Program has a special place in NASA Earth Science in developing interdisciplinary approaches combining aspects of physical and social science, with a high level of societal relevance. The LCLUC Program has always had close program links to the NASA Satellite Instrument Teams pertinent to land-cover and land-use characterization and in particular with the Landsat Program, which is being jointly implemented with the USGS.

Dr. Krishna Vadrevu
Program Coordinator, Scientist, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

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At the interagency level and as part of USGCRP, LCLUC is its own program element with linkages to the US Carbon and Water initiatives. LCLUC is already addressing questions being raised by the new initiative on Climate Vulnerability, Impacts and Adaptation. Partnerships have been developed with other agencies, such as USAID and scientists from the USFS, NOAA and USGS are often funded by the LCLUC program. The program management is interested in strengthening interagency collaboration to further our understanding of land-cover and land-use change and its interaction with climate and environment.

Indrani Kommareddy
Senior Faculty Specialist
University of Maryland
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Responsible for the development and maintenance of LCLUC website.  Click here to view her full profile.



Meghavi Prashnani
Faculty Specialist
University of Maryland
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NASA LCLUC is an interdisciplinary program, which develops and uses remote sensing technologies to provide scientific foundation for understanding the sustainability, vulnerability and resilience of human land use and terrestrial ecosystems. The program fosters integration of physical and social sciences, addressing the regional-to-global scale issues and provides a great opportunity for international networking and collaboration, which results in community led synthesis studies, thematic workshops, books, journal special edition and the projects for societal benefits.

Catherine Nakalembe
Assistant Research Professor
University of Maryland
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Mary Mitkish
Program Support
University of Maryland
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