Major work on Remote Sensing of Agriculture in South/Southeast Asian Countries Published - Springer

Book highlights

-An in-depth focus on remote sensing in agriculture in South/Southeast Asian countries.

-Provides the latest algorithms, tools, and techniques in remote sensing specific to agriculture.

-Offers methodologies to aid the development of operating tools for crop mapping and monitoring.

-Contributions from regional space agency scientists on agriculture/crop monitoring from NASA LCLUC agriculture projects, NASA Harvest, JAXA (Japan), GISTDA (Thailand), ISRO-Mahalonbis Crop Forecasting Center, Ministry of Agriculture (India), International Rice Research Institute (IRRI, Philippines), etc.

-Covers popular rice mapping and monitoring international projects in the region such as Asia-Rice (with more than 15-countries), RIICE-from Sarmap (SAR data activities in different countries), Phil-Rice from International Rice Research Institute (IRRI, Philippines, CGIAR), and several other independent studies.

-Total Chapters: 34

-Total Authors: 200

-Total US authors: 55

-Total pages: 607

-Total illustrations: 224 (217colored; 17-black and white)

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