Earth Observing System

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01/01/2004:   Development of an Integrated System of Ground-, Air- and Space-based Observations of Biomass Burning in Northern Eurasia
01/01/2004:   Investigation of Rapid Urbanization Processes Using ASTER, MODIS, and Landsat Data
01/01/2004:   Large Scale Assessment of Landscape Changes and Recovery in Forest Structure of Mangrove Wetlands Subject to Human Activities, Freshwater Diversion, and Natural Disturbances Using Enhanced SRTM Data
01/01/2004:   Multi-Scale Remote Assessment of Land-Surface Hydrologic Response to Natural and Anthropogenic Stressors:  A Case Study in the Florida Everglades
01/01/2004:   Post-USSR land cover change in Eastern Europe: Socioeconomic forcings, effects on biodiversity, and future scenarios
01/01/2004:   Reindeer Mapper: A Remote Sensing and GIS-Based System to Bring Indigenous Traditional and Local Knowledge Together with Scientific Data and Information to Address Health Issues Resulting from Changes in Climate, Environment, Weather, and Pollution in Northern Russia
01/01/2004:   Spatial Patterns of Forest Disturbance and Consequences for Regional Water Quality
01/01/2004:   What are the GLOBAL Rates and Extent of Tropical Deforestation, Forest Regeneration, Selective Logging, and Fragmentation
01/01/2001:   Climate and Human Impacts on Water Resources in Africa
01/01/2001:   Developing Land Cover Scenarios in Metropolitan and Non-Metropolitan Michigan, USA:  A Stochastic Simulation Approach
01/01/2001:   Effects of Urbanization on Ecological Services in a Semi-arid Region of the United States
01/01/2001:   Land Use Change Around Protected Areas in LCLUC Sites: Synthesis of Rates, Consequences for Biodiversity, and Monitoring Strategies
01/01/2001:   Land Use, Carbon, and Water in the Uplands of Southeastern North America
01/01/2001:   Land-Cover and Land-Use Change in the Southern Yucatan Peninsula Region (SYPR): Part 2
01/01/2001:   Landsat Radiometric Calibration:  Towards a 20-Year Record of Calibrated Thematic Mapper Class Data for Carbon Cycle Studies
01/01/2001:   Landscape Dynamics and Land-Use Land-Cover Change in the Great Basin-Mojave Desert Region
01/01/2000:   An Integrated Forest Monitoring System for Central Africa
01/01/2000:   Hierarchical Investigation of Socioeconomic Drivers of Decadal Scale Land-Cover Changes in the Upper Midwest
01/01/2000:   Mapping and Modeling Forest Change in a Boreal Landscape
01/01/2000:   Monitoring Boreal Landcover and Ecosystem Dynamics at Regional Scales using Integrated Spaceborne Radar Remote Sensing and Ecological Modeling
01/01/2000:   Monitoring Forest Response to Past and Future Global Change in Greater Yellowstone
01/01/2000:   Processing Multitemporal TM Imagery to Extract Forest Cover Change Features in Cleveland National Forest, Southern California
01/01/2000:   The Development of a Fine Resolution, Continental-Scale Forest Monitoring System using SAR imagery
01/01/2000:   The Dynamics of a Semi-Arid Region in Response to Climate and Water-Use Policy: Part 2
01/01/1997:   Accuracy Assessment of the IGBP Fast-Track 1 Km Land Cover Data Set