Cultivating the Future: Co-Designing the GLP Early Career Network

Global Land Programme is hosting an online event "Cultivating the Future: Co-Designing the GLP Early Career Network" on November 15th, 2023 at 10:00 AM EST. This meeting will discuss GLP's new Early Career Network (ECN). The early survey in September resulted in more than 200 responses, which we are mining for ideas and inspiration for this network launch webinar. During the event you will hear what we learned from the first survey, add your own input on next steps, and be invited to contribute to further activities as network leaders. You will also hear about opportunities to join us at the next OSM in 2024 to build the Early Career Network into a guiding force in the GLP. Join us as we work with all interested GLP early career members to co-design GLP’s new Early Career Network (ECN).  

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- Global Land Programme Team