The Earth in Living Color: Monitoring Our Planet from Above - A new special collection

A new special collection invites papers on a new era of remote sensing missions and instruments that will provide insights into human and climate-driven changes on planet Earth. This new cross-journal special collection, The Earth in Living Color, aims to provide a state-of-art and timely assessment of how advances in remote sensing is revealing new insights and understanding for monitoring our home planet.  We encourage papers that cover the use of imaging spectroscopy and thermal infrared remote sensing to observe and understand the Earth’s vegetation, coastal aquatic ecosystems, surface mineralogy, snow dynamics, and volcanic activity. These may range from architecture studies that determine spaceborne measurement objectives, to papers on algorithm development, calibration and validation, and modeling to support traceability. Papers can be submitted either to the Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences or Earth and Space Science.

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