Echoes in Space : Open Online Course on Radar Remote Sensing Starting September 16th 2019

Echoes in Space 
The first Massive Open Online Course on  Radar Remote Sensing Starting September 16th 2019 

What is this course about? 
Echoes from space will take you on a journey through the exciting world of Radar Remote Sensing. Learn the basics that will help you to understand where this technology is coming from, how the images are acquired and which manifold applications already use Radar Remote Sensing to help protect our planet. 
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Course content:

  • History
    • What is radar?
    • Radar History
    • What is an EM wave?
    • What is an active radar system
    • Radar sensors & missions
  • Geometry
    • The SAR principle
    • Interaction with the Earth surface
    • How to obtain and use Radar data
  • Land
    • Forest applications
    • Urban applications
    • Agriculture Applications
  • Water
    • Scatter mechanism over water
    • Water bodies
    • Maritime applications
  • Hazard
    • Flood applications
    • Seismic events applications