Green Transition Information Factory

The European Space Agency (ESA) has launched the Green Transition Information Factory (GTIF) that allows users to interactively discover the underlying opportunities and complexities of transitioning to carbon neutrality by 2050 using the power of Earth Observation, cloud-computing and cutting-edge analytics.

The cloud-based integrated GTIF environment enables:

  1. Decision-makers to assess and monitor the effectiveness of policies, and evaluate political objectives and outcomes using GTIF-provided data, indicators and interactive exploration tools.
  2. Industry to develop novel solutions to foster the Green Economy, supported by space technologies, and connect to relevant national and international stakeholders within the wider GTIF ecosystem.
  3. Citizens to engage and understand the needs for their actions through interactive exploration tools and captivating scientific narratives across key Green Transition domains.

This first GTIF demonstrator focuses on Austria and explores its Green Transition pathways and related challenges and opportunities along this initial set of five domains.

  1. Energy Transition
  2. Mobility Transition
  3. Sustainable Transition
  4. Carbon Accounting
  5. EO Adaptation Services

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