Summer 2022 Workshop in Kazakhstan on Curriculum Development for Ecology and Environmental Sciences : Registration now open

Building on our previous efforts to share curricula for major courses important in environmental sciences, a team of educators from Michigan State University (MSU), George Washington University (GWU), University of South Dakota (USD), University of Maine, and Pace University will deliver an intensive workshop with junior faculty members in rural Kazakhstan universities. The workshop will be co-organized at the Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda University during June 20–30, 2022. The focus will be on seven courses with hands-on exercises in the classroom and in the field, and through a hybrid of in-person and online lectures:

1) Community Ecology, with field exercise (Dr. W. Fang, Pace)

2) Rangeland Ecology, with field exercise (Dr. C. Knight, Maine)

3) Landscape Ecology, with field exercise (Dr. G. Allington, GWU)

4) Urban Ecology and Sustainability (Dr. P. Fan, MSU)

5) Remote Sensing of Environment & UAS Applications, with field exercise (Dr. R. John, USD)

6) Sustainable Development in a Disrupted Global Economy (Dr. N. Graham, MSU)

7) Global Change Science (Dr. J. Chen, MSU)

Three thematic topics (renewable energy, global changes, and air quality) for upper undergraduate and graduate courses will be emphasized. Twenty junior faculty members from five regional partner universities in Kazakhstan, ten faculty members from the host, and ten from other local universities in Kyzylorda will be invited to participate in the workshop. Partner universities are Zhetysu State University, International Kazakh-Turkish University, Aktobe Regional University, South Kazakhstan University, and Kazakh National Agrarian Research University. For program details, please contact Dr. Jiquan Chen ( For questions related to the logistics, please contact Gulnaziya Almakhanova (; phone (+77025105084). A project webpage is under the development and will be announced in March, 2022.

The workshop will also be available online for the indoor lectures only. Interested students, faculty members, resource managers, and policy makers throughout Central Asia can participate through online registration at project webpage. Check back in March on the CARIN website for updates. 

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The registration is open for interested parties:

Please find the schedule here: Schedule Summer workshop 2022 Kazakhstan.pdf

 - Jiquan Chen,
   Michigan State University,