Eastern Europe's Forest Cover Dynamics from 1985 to 2012

Presented maps provide consistent quantification of forest cover dynamic within Eastern Europe from 1985 to 2012 based on Landsat image archive. All datasets provided in Albers Equal Area projection with pixel size 30x30m. Forest cover dynamics types shows areas of stable forest/non-forest and certain forest dynamics (forest cover loss, forest cover gain, gain followed by loss, etc.). Forest cover loss date provided by interval (1986-1988, 1989-2000, 2001-2006, 2007-2012). In case of repeated forest clearing, only the date of first loss event is recorded. For the forest cover gain, date (2000 or 2012) represent year when tree canopy cover reached our forest definition (49%). For questions and additional data requests please contact Peter Potapov potapov@umd.edu

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