BBC News reported on Dr. Catherine Nakalembe 's agricultural research in Africa

Catherine Nakalembe

Catherine Nakalembe is an assistant professor at the University of Maryland's Geographical Sciences department and Africa Lead for NASA Harvest program.  She served as a program assistant for LCLUC while pursuing her doctoral studies. Catherine uses satellite data to study agriculture and weather patterns. This information is combined with data gathered on the ground about the crops and their condition to build a model that learns to recognise patterns to help make predictions. She was awarded a 2020 Africa Food Prize Laureate for her innovative contributions in food security across the continent of Africa. The Africa Food Prize represents global recognition of Nakalembe’s dedication to improving food security in some of the most vulnerable regions in the world through the enhanced use of Earth observation.  Here is the BBC's coverage of Catherine's journey and accomplishments. 

How Ugandan Nasa scientist Catherine Nakalembe uses satellites to boost farming
Wednesday, December 30, 2020