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05/01/2008:   Three Decades of Forest Cover Change in the Americas Evaluated Using the Geocover and MDGLS Data Sets
01/01/2006:   Exacerbation of Flooding Responses Due to Land Cover/Land Use Change: A Comparative Study
01/01/2005:   Interactive Drivers of Land-Use/Land-Cover Change in Agricultural Areas: Climate and Land-Manager Choices
01/01/2005:   Multisensor/Multiscale Assessment of Urban Impacts in the Great Lakes Region
01/01/2005:   Responses of Coastal Waters to Terrestrial Inputs of Elemental CNP in Urbanizing Coastal Regions
01/01/2005:   Urban Growth Impacts on Surface Hydrology and Stream Ecology in Watersheds of the Mid-Atlantic and New England
01/01/2005:   Using Remote Sensing-Based Measures to Assess NRCS Impacts in Michigan: Step 2
01/01/2005:   Vulnerability of US National Parks to Land Use and Climate Change and Variability: Part 2
01/01/2004:   Integrated Regional Climate Study with a Focus on the Land-Use Land-Cover Change and Associated Changes in Hydrological Cycles in the Southeastern United States
01/01/2004:   Quantifying Changes in Carbon Pools with Shrub Invasion of Desert Grasslands Using Multi-Angle Data from EOS Terra and Aqua
01/01/2004:   Spatial Patterns of Forest Disturbance and Consequences for Regional Water Quality
01/01/2001:   Driving Forces of Change in Regional Carbon Stocks: Comparison of the Western Oregon, USA and St. Petersburg Region, Russia
01/01/2001:   Effect of Land Use, Soils, and Human Populations on Export of Water, C, N, and P from the Mid-Atlantic Coastal Plain
01/01/2001:   Effects of Urbanization on Ecological Services in a Semi-arid Region of the United States
01/01/2001:   Fire, Land Cover and Climate Change: Impacts on River Flows in Semiarid Shrubland Watersheds
01/01/2001:   Land Use Change Around Protected Areas in LCLUC Sites: Synthesis of Rates, Consequences for Biodiversity, and Monitoring Strategies
01/01/2001:   Land Use, Carbon, and Water in the Uplands of Southeastern North America
01/01/2001:   Landscape Dynamics and Land-Use Land-Cover Change in the Great Basin-Mojave Desert Region
01/01/2001:   Regional NPP and Carbon Stocks in Southwestern USA Rangelands: Land-Use Impacts on the Grassland-Woodland Balance
01/01/2001:   Spatial Predictive Modeling and Remote Sensing of Land Use Change in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed
09/22/2000:   Changing Landscapes of Rural America.
01/01/2000:   Assessing Future Stability of US High Plains Land-Cover: Integration of Process Modeling with Landsat, In Situ Modern and Paleoclimatic Data
01/01/2000:   Development Sprawl Impacts on the Terrestrial Carbon Dynamics of the United States
01/01/2000:   Effects of Land-Use on Climate and Water Resources: Application of a Land Surface Model for Land-Use Management
01/01/2000:   Hierarchical Investigation of Socioeconomic Drivers of Decadal Scale Land-Cover Changes in the Upper Midwest