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08/01/2023:   Exploring the Nexus between LCLUC, Socio-Economic Factors, and Water for a Vulnerable Arid US-Mexico Transboundary Region
05/24/2023:   Synthesis Study of Land Cover, Land Use, and Demographic Change Under Multi-Dimensional Developments and Climate Pressures in Southeast Asia
05/15/2023:   Irrigation as climate-change adaptation in the Cerrado biome of Brazil evaluated with new quantitative methods, socio-economic analysis, and scenario models
05/10/2023:   The Interplay between Land User Decisions and Landcover Change in Coastal Ecosystems and Working Lands Under Sea Level Rise in the Mid- Atlantic U.S.
04/01/2023:   Can Improved Stakeholder Representation Prevent Human-Caused Mangrove Loss in the Mesoamerican Reef Ecoregion?
03/01/2023:   Modulation of Climate Risks by Intensification of Urban and Agricultural Land Uses in the Arabian Peninsula
02/01/2023:   Disentangling Land-Use Change in Central Africa to Understand the Role of Local and Indigenous Communities in Forest Restoration and Conservation
02/01/2023:   Land-cover and Land-use Change at the Frontier: Socioeconomic and Environmental Factors Influencing Land-Use Transitions in the Cerrado Biome
01/25/2023:   Institutional Forcings on Agricultural Landscapes in Post-Socialist Europe: Diachronic Hotspot Analysis of CAP Influences on Agricultural Land Use in Romania 2002-2024
01/23/2023:   Multi-sensor Mapping of Refugee Agricultural LCLUC Hotspots in Uganda
01/01/2023:   Drivers and constraints of land cover land use change in Asian aquaculture hotspots
01/01/2023:   Energy LCLUC hotspot: Characterizing the dynamics of energy land use and assessing environmental impacts in the Permian Basin