2016 LCLUC Spring Science Team Meeting (18-19 April) and MuSLI Science Team Meeting (20-21 April)

North Bethesda, MD
Meeting Date: 
04/18/2016 to 04/21/2016
Agenda Title: 
LCLUC Spring 2016 ST meeting
Meeting Report: 

Meeting Presentations

Title Presenter Institution
NASA Marshall
International START Secretariat
NASA Headquarters
Michigan State University
Michigan State University
University of Maryland, College Park
Center for Research and Technology Hellas - Information Technologies Institute(CERTH-ITI)
UCAR Project Scientist at NCDC
University of Oklahoma
Boston University
Charles University
University of Maryland, College Park
Future Earth
University of Toledo
University of Idaho
University of Maryland
University of Illinois
, University Of New Hampshire
, Georgia Institute of Technology
Michigan State University
Purdue University
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Center For Cultural And Technical Interchange Between East and West
R&D Center ScanEx
NASA Headquarters