LCLUC Synthesis: Ecosystem-Society Interactions on a Changing Mongolian Plateau

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Project Documents

Year Authors Type Title
2017 Jiquan Chen
Ranjeet John
Jiaguo Qi
Publications Shao, C., Chen, J., Chu, H., Lafortezza, R., Dong, G., Abraha, M., Batkhishig, O., John, R., Ouyang, Z., Zhang, Y. and Qi, J., 2017. Grassland productivity and carbon sequestration in Mongolian grasslands: The underlying mechanisms and nomadic implications. Environmental Research, 159, pp.124-134.
2017 Ranjeet John
Pavel Groisman
Jiquan Chen
Publications Qi, J., Xin, X., John, R., Groisman, P. and Chen, J., 2017. Understanding livestock production and sustainability of grassland ecosystems in the Asian Dryland Belt. Ecological Processes, 6(1), p.22.
2015 Jiquan Chen
Ranjeet John
Publications Fan, Peilei, Jiquan Chen, and Ranjeet John. "Urbanization and environmental change during the economic transition on the Mongolian Plateau: Hohhot and Ulaanbaatar." Environmental research 144 (2016): 96-112.
2015 Changliang Shao
Daniel Brown
Jiaguo Qi
Ochirbat Batkhishig
Ranjeet John
Publications Chen, J., R. John, Y. Zhang, C. Shao, D. G. Brown, O. Batkhishig, A. Amarjargal, Z. Ouyang, G. Dong, D. Wang, and J. Qi. 2015. Divergences of two coupled human and natural systems on the Mongolia Plateau. BioScience 65(6): 559-570.
2013 Arindam Samanta
Jiquan Chen
Ochirbat Batkhishig
Sangram Ganguly
Publications John, R., J. Chen, Z. Ouya, J. Xiao, R.Becker, A.Samanta, S. Ganguly, W. Yuan, O. Batkhishig. 2013. Vegetation response to extreme climate events on the Mongolian Plateau from 2000-2010. Environmental Research Letters 8, doi:10.1088/1748-9326/8/3/035033.