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01/01/2024:   Multiscale Monitoring of Drought-Induced Forest Mortality by Detecting Spatial Anomalies in Land Surface Temperature and Infrared Reflectance
06/01/2021:   Impacts of Global Markets and National Policies on Forest Carbon Trajectories and Social Outcomes in the Guiana Shield Ecoregion
01/01/2021:   Comparing the effectiveness of conservation instruments in the Colombian Andes biodiversity hotspot
01/01/2021:   Mapping property values to understand land-use change in South America
01/01/2021:   Policy, Market, and Climate Change Impacts on Maize Production in Mexico
01/01/2021:   Soybean Expansion in South America: Quantifying Historical Land-Use Change, Modeling Socioeconomic Drivers and Projecting Future Trajectories
09/01/2020:   Developing novel GPP estimation for crops at field-level using new-generation satellite data in the US Corn Belt
07/01/2020:   Impacts of Bay Area Shelter-in-Place during COVID-19 on urban heat fluxes
01/01/2018:   Prototyping an Oil Palm Plantation MuSLI from Landsat and Dual-Wavelength Synthetic Aperture Radar
01/01/2004:   Multi-Scale Remote Assessment of Land-Surface Hydrologic Response to Natural and Anthropogenic Stressors:  A Case Study in the Florida Everglades
01/01/2001:   Developing Land Cover Scenarios in Metropolitan and Non-Metropolitan Michigan, USA:  A Stochastic Simulation Approach
01/01/2001:   Scaling Up the Ecosystem Consequences of Forest Expansion in the Great Plains Region:  A Renewal Proposal
01/01/2000:   Land-Use and Land-Cover Change in Sonora, Mexico:  Trajectories of Agricultural Intensification and Consequences for Non-Agricultural Ecosystems: Part 2