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01/01/1997:   Accuracy Assessment of the IGBP Fast-Track 1 Km Land Cover Data Set
01/01/1997:   Agricultural Colonization in the Ecuadorian Amazon: Population, Biophysical, and Geographical Factors Affecting Land Use/Land Cover Change and Landscape Structure
01/01/1997:   Assessing Future Stability of US High Plains Landcover: Integration of Process Modeling with Landsat, In situ Modern and Paleoclimatic Data
01/01/1997:   Causes And Consequences Of Land Cover Change In A Greater Ecosystem: Trend And Risk Assessment, Monitoring, And Outreach
01/01/1997:   Climate Change and Human Response in the Semi Arid Near East
01/01/1997:   Coupling Land Use and Land Cover Changes, and Ecosystem Processes in Miombo Woodlands
01/01/1997:   Deforestation and Degradation in Central and Southern Africa
01/01/1997:   Effects of the Development of the Baikul-Amur Mainline Railroad on Patterns of Boreal Forest Cover and Carbon Fluxes in Southern Siberia
01/01/1997:   Land-Cover and Land-Use Change in the Southern Yucatan Peninsula Region (SYPR)
01/01/1997:   Land-cover Change in the Great Plains: Predicting Impacts of Regional Forest Expansion on Biogeochemical Processes
01/01/1997:   Modeling Carbon Dynamics and Their Economic Implications in Two Forest Regions: Pacific Northwestern USA and Northwestern Russia
01/01/1997:   Quantifying Grassland-to-Woodland Transitions and the Implications for Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamics in the Southwest United States
01/01/1997:   Remote Sensing Needs for State Forestry Agencies
01/01/1997:   Soils, Water, People and Pixels: A Study of Nang Rong
01/01/1997:   Study of Land-Use and Deforestation In Central and West African Tropical Forest Using High Resolution SAR Satellite Imagery
01/01/1997:   The Dynamics of a Semi-Arid Region in Response to Climate and Water-Use Policy
01/01/1997:   The Role of Land-Cover Change in the High Latitude Ecosystems: Implications for the Global Carbon Cycle
01/01/1997:   Time Scales of Land Use Change and Export of N and P from Coastal Plain Basins to the Coastal Zone
01/01/1997:   Time-Series Land Cover/Land Use Change and Socio-Economic Driving Forces in the Northern Peten Region, Guatemala