Synthesis of Studies on Institutional Change and LCLUC Effects on Carbon, Biodiversity, and Agriculture After the Collapse of the Soviet Union

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Project Documents

Year Authors Type Title
2018 Juraj Lieskovský
Premysl Štych
Anna Pidgeon
Volker Radeloff
Publications Bragina, E. V., A. R. Ives, L. Balčiauskas, S. Csányi, P, Khoyetskyy, K. Kysucká, J. Lieskovský, J. Ozolins, T. Randveer, P, Štych, A. Volokh, C. Zhelev, E. Ziółkowska, A. M. Pidgeon, and V. C. Radeloff. 2018. Wildlife population changes across Eastern Europe after the collapse of socialism. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, 16(2): 77-81
2017 Eugenia Bragina
Anna Pidgeon
Volker Radeloff
Publications Shchur, A., E. Bragina, A. Sieber, A. M. Pidgeon, and V. C. Radeloff. 2017. Monitoring selective logging with Landsat satellite imagery reveals that protected forests in Western Siberia experience greater harvest than non-protected forests. Environmental Conservation, 44(2): 191-199.
2016 Catalina Munteanu
Volker Radeloff
Peter Potapov
Alexander Prishchepov
Publications Alix-Garcia, J., C. M. Munteanu, V. C. Radeloff, N. Zhao, P. Potapov, and A. Prishchepov. 2016. Drivers of forest cover change in Eastern Europe and European Russia, 1985 - 2012. Land Use Policy, 59: 284-297.
2015 Matthias Baumann
David Lewis
Volker Radeloff
Publications Wendland, K., M. Baumann, D. J. Lewis, A. Sieber, and V. C. Radeloff. 2015. Protected area effectiveness in European Russia: A postmatching panel data analysis. Land Economics, 91(1): 149-168.
2015 Leonid Baskin
Volker Radeloff
Tobias Kuemmerle
Publications Sieber, A., N. V. Uvarov, L. M. Baskin, V. C. Radeloff, B. L. Bateman, A. B. Pankov, and T. Kuemmerle. 2015. Post-Soviet land-use change effects on large mammals’ habitat in European Russia. Biological Conservation, 191: 567-576.
2015 Svetlana Turubanova
Alexandra Tyukavina
Alexander Krylov
Jessica McCarty
Volker Radeloff
Matthew Hansen
Publications Potapov, P., S. A. Turubanova, A. Tyukavina, A. Krylov, J. L. McCarthy, V. C. Radeloff, and M. C. Hansen. 2015. Eastern Europe’s forest cover dynamics from 1985 to 2012 quantified from the full Landsat archive. Remote Sensing of Environment, 159: 28-43.