Multi-Source Land Imaging (MuSLI)

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01/01/2024:   Detecting and Mapping War-Induced Damage to Agricultural Fields in Ukraine Using Multi-Modal Remote Sensing Data
01/01/2024:   Multi-Source, Multi-Resolution Imaging of Urban Land Cover to Improve Predictions of Human Heat Exposures
01/01/2024:   Multiscale Monitoring of Drought-Induced Forest Mortality by Detecting Spatial Anomalies in Land Surface Temperature and Infrared Reflectance
01/01/2024:   Pre- and Post- Wildfire Analysis in Mediterranean Forests Using Combined SWIRTIR Orbital Remote Sensing
01/01/2024:   Quantifying Connections Between Urban LCLUC and Emerging Extreme Heat in Rapidly Growing Indian Cities
01/01/2024:   Tropical Forest Degradation and Regeneration in the Brazilian Amazon: Thermal Remote Sensing Integrated into a Multi-Source Land Imaging Approach
01/01/2024:   Urbanization and Fire Risk at the Global Wildland-Urban Interface: A MultiSensor Study of Past and Future Trends
08/01/2023:   Exploring the Nexus between LCLUC, Socio-Economic Factors, and Water for a Vulnerable Arid US-Mexico Transboundary Region
02/01/2023:   Disentangling Land-Use Change in Central Africa to Understand the Role of Local and Indigenous Communities in Forest Restoration and Conservation
01/01/2023:   Drivers and constraints of land cover land use change in Asian aquaculture hotspots
02/01/2022:   Land Cover Land Use Change, Conflict, and Peacebuilding in Colombia
01/03/2022:   A multi-faceted, pan-Mediterranean assessment of urban land change for the evaluation of interconnected climate risks
01/01/2022:   Early Estimation of Fire-Risk in the Eastern Mediterranean and Socioeconomic Informed Communications of Actionable Strategies
09/01/2021:   Agricultural abandonment across the Eurasian steppe: effect on fires, vegetation succession and habitat quality for rare waterfowl species
03/10/2021:   Global Hotspots of Change in Mangrove Forests
02/08/2021:   Quantifying agricultural expansion and tropical forest degradation in the Brazilian Arc of Deforestation: A multi-sensor, multi-scale approach
01/01/2021:   Global Hotspots of the Wildland Urban Interface
01/01/2021:   High-Impact Hot Spots of Land Cover Land Use Change: Ukraine and Neighboring Countries
01/01/2021:   Hotspot Detection for Monitoring New Trends in Carbon Sequestration in Systems of Trees Outside of Forests
01/01/2021:   Making the Hidden Visible: Accelerated Land-Use Change and Degradation Caused by Narco-Trafficking In and Around Central America’s Protected Areas
01/01/2021:   Multi-resolution quantification and driver assessment of hot spots of global forest disturbance
01/01/2021:   Multi-source Wildland Urban Interface Characterization Enhanced with Machine Learning Technique: Dynamics and Hazard Assessment
01/01/2021:   Sensor fusion using daily Planet imagery allows rapid deforestation monitoring in Madagascar
01/01/2021:   The Impact of Investment on Irrigated Rice, Dryland Agriculture and Afforestation in Senegal using SAR and Optical Time-Series Imagery in Data Fusion Approaches
01/01/2021:   The last urban frontier: Assessing drivers of urbanization and tradeoffs among social and ecosystem services associated with LCLUC in Africa