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01/01/2024:   Urbanization and Fire Risk at the Global Wildland-Urban Interface: A MultiSensor Study of Past and Future Trends
07/01/2015:   Integrating Landsat 7, 8 and Sentinel 2 Data in Improving Crop Type Identification and Area E stimation
07/01/2015:   Multi-Source Imaging of Time-Serial Tree and Water Cover at Continental to Global Scales
07/01/2015:   Multisource Imaging of Seasonal Dynamics in Land Surface Phenology: A Fusion Approach Using Landsat and Sentinel - 2
07/01/2015:   Prototyping a Landsat-8 Sentinel-2 Global Burned Area Product
05/01/2015:   Synthesis of LCLUC Studies on Urbanization: State of the Art, Gaps in Knowledge, and New Directions for Remote Sensing Science
04/01/2014:   Prototyping Global Industrial Forest Mapping, a Landsat Spatio-Temporal Approach
01/01/2013:   4-D Modeling of the Regional Carbon Cycle in and Around Urban Environments: An Interdisciplinary Study to Advance Observational and Modeling Foundations
01/01/2013:   Mega Urban Changes and Impacts in the Decade of the 2000s
01/01/2013:   Understanding and Simulating Global Urban Expansion in the Context of Climate Change
12/15/2012:   Food, Price and Conflict: Earth Observations-Based Agricultural Production Forecasting to Assess Potential Impacts on Grain Markets and Civil Unrest.
01/06/2012:   Global-Scale Assessment of Threatened River Delta Systems: Evaluation of Connections Between the Continental Land Mass and Ocean Through Integrated Remote Sensing and Process Modeling
10/15/2011:   Advancing methods for global crop area estimation
04/15/2011:   Using Landsat Global Land Survey Data to Measure and Monitor Worldwide Urbanization
01/01/2011:   Enhancing Compatibility of Sentinel 2 and Landsat Products for Improved Monitoring of the Earth System
01/01/2011:   Sentinel-3 Science Products: A US Contribution
01/01/2010:   Accessing Chinese Satellite Data Products for Land Applications
06/01/2008:   Cross-Calibration of the Current Landsat Sensors with Foreign Landsat-Class Sensors for Long-Term Monitoring of Land Surface Processes
05/01/2008:   Enhancing Global Observations and Information on Tropical Forest Change Using Landsat Global Data
01/01/2008:   Comparison of the Advanced Wide Field Sensor to Landsat for Supplying General Land Cover Land Use Change Detection Products Needed for NASA LCLUC Program Science
01/01/2008:   Tropical Mangrove Forests: Global Distributions and Dynamics (1990-2005)
01/01/2005:   Development and Sensitivity Analysis of High Resolution Land Surface Parameters from Satellite Data and their Use in a Mesoscale Model - LDEO
01/01/2005:   Development and Validation of Process Algorithms of Urbanization for Water Cycle, Data Assimilation and Climate studies
01/01/2005:   Establishing a Global Forest Monitoring Capability Using Multi-Resolution and Multi-Temporal Remotely Sensed Data Sets
01/01/2005:   Global Distribution of Human Appropriation of Fresh Water: An Earth Observation-supported Strategy Linking Biophysics and Socio-economics for Addressing Water Vulnerability