Central African Regional Program for the Environment

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01/01/2013:   Environmental and Socioeconomic Outcomes of the New African Green Revolution
01/01/2013:   Examining the Links Between Agriculture and Human Health in a Context of Climate Change: A Case Study of Three West African Countries - Niger, Burkina
12/15/2012:   Social Drivers of Land Cover Change Around African Transboundary Peace Parks
05/01/2009:   Understanding and Predicting the Impact of Climate Variability and Climate Change on Land Use and Land Cover Change Via Socio-Economic Institutions in Southern Africa
01/01/2004:   Forest Biomass and Land-Use Change in Central Africa: Reducing Regional Carbon Cycle Uncertainty
01/01/2001:   Assessment, Monitoring, and Modeling of LCLUC and Their Impacts on Groundwater Resources, Ecosystems, and Carbon Cycling in Saharan Africa:  A Case Study, SW Egypt
01/01/2001:   Burned Area Mapping in Southern Africa:  Case Study Synthesis and Regional Application of MODIS Data
01/01/2001:   Climate and Human Impacts on Water Resources in Africa
01/01/2000:   An Integrated Forest Monitoring System for Central Africa
01/01/2000:   Coupling Land Use and Land Cover Changes, and Ecosystem Processes in Miombo Woodlands: Part 2
01/01/1997:   Coupling Land Use and Land Cover Changes, and Ecosystem Processes in Miombo Woodlands
01/01/1997:   Deforestation and Degradation in Central and Southern Africa
01/01/1997:   Study of Land-Use and Deforestation In Central and West African Tropical Forest Using High Resolution SAR Satellite Imagery